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Newbie in Scotland
Hi, I just got my very first pair of Skikes. Does any one in Scotland teach proper technique or can give me some pointers to get started?

Posted by Fiona on 26 December 2015
Hi, I realise I am nearly 2 years late in responding but have just discovered skikes and about to buy a pair. I am in Edinburgh and wondering if you found any other skikers? Or trainers?
Posted by Phyllida Alexander on 24 June 2017
Hi Phyllida, apologies for not getting back to you but I've come across your message by accident on doing a search for Skike info, I was never notified of a response to my original message.

Despite months of searching, the closest I ever came was the Irish based trainers. I ended up getting great advice from the Australian Skike trainers via email. Very thourogh with you tube videos.

Sad to say I haven't taken it up yet. I tried a couple of times then fell pregnant so couldn't do it for a while but I'm aiming to start again now.

Did you have any luck?
Posted by Fiona Fisher on 26 November 2017
Hi Fiona,
How is the skiking working out for you in Edinburgh. I'm looking at buying some to use on the cycle paths.
Posted by Anne Keown on 28 February 2019
Midland Ski & Snowboard show
Midland Ski & Snowboard show
(National Exhibition Center Birmingham)

Would you like to have a go on our 25 meter roller ski loop to raise your profile plus give your teams a warm up before going on snow?

For further details see if we can slot you in for entry to the show, ring Tom @ 01323 896197.

We are looking for 4 or 5 racing teams as we have the Royal marines team who rollerskiied from John O Groats to lanss end and the RAF Biathlon team who are also available.
Posted by Skike on 20 October 2011
Am I the first in Ireland?
Posted by Jadwiga on 22 July 2011
training for skikes
Just purchased my skikes and would appreciate meeting up with anyone in or around Cambridge who can skike with confidence!
Posted by Donna Hayler on 29 November 2010
Would luv 2
Posted by steve on 05 July 2015
Hi Donna,

I have just bought my Skikes too.... I do have a fair amount of experience cross country skiing though so keen to nail the technique too.

Give me a shout if you fancy meeting up... there is a perfect cycle path between Bristol and Bath that I use (I am Bristol based).

Anyway, chat soon.

Posted by Christian on 21 July 2015
Sorry Donna wrong email address... Try me on this one.

Posted by Christian on 22 July 2015
Sore feet
Any tips on stopping the soles of my feet cramping when I'm skiking? Thanks
Posted by Lynz on 03 August 2010
Relax and Skike

Eat 2 bananas first thing
Posted by Tara on 24 August 2010
I got this from my snowboard bindings & winter walking boots when I did them up to tight, thus not letting my foot expand when weighted.
Posted by Steve on 21 October 2011
The way to avoid your feet cramping is to put a pair of orthotics or arch supports in your running shoes. You may have to get 1 sie up of running shoe to accomodate but this should resolve the ache. Hope this helped
Posted by Emmie on 27 August 2013
Posted on 01 February 2010
Cliffhanger show
Posted on 18 June 2009

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