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Skike V07

Comes in Black

For all who are successful or like to treat themselves something!

In the morning to the office, noon for sushi, evening to a concert, at night to the disco.

Technical Information       

  • Airwheels with tube (gentle treatment of joints)
  • Wheel diameter 150mm
  • ball bearings 608z ( industrial quality)
  • stable, light aluminium construction ( about 1,9KG p.pce)
  • for use with standard free- or roadshoes
  • shoe size adjustable from 38 to 47
  • max sole of a shoe with longest wheel distance 330mm
  • patented, adjusted to compensate disorders ( bandy legs or knock knees)
  • patented wear resistant brakes
  • official brake delay worth of more than 6,5m/sec.


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